Afternoon tea and hamburgers

26.03.2014 kl. 10:49

The cough is finally gone, so is the nice weather and we're back to normal. Lately, I've been spending even more time in the library (or libraries, I try to change places to get a bit of variation). I'm reaching the deadline and I only have two weeks to go. But last weekend we went to a really nice concert of the Sensible Soccers, following a sunday-funday with brunch, afternoon tea and hamburger dinner. The weekend before that there was an awesome outdoor fleamarket at the sports stadium, got a bit overwhelmed and bought a lot of stuff.. 

Also, I've been studying portuguese every afternoon from monday to friday for almost a month now. It's super intense but great. I've been getting a lot of pressure from friends lately to learn (or speak) portuguese and it stresses the hell out of me. However, they all just mean well and hopefully all this gibberish will result in some awesome portuguese skills by the end of the summer.

What else, had to say farewell to a roommate who's going to do an internship in chile and some parts of our house and the shop below our floor is under construction. Meaning we live in a construction site, with no access to the terrace, dust coming through the floor and no shower water during the day. Also a super annoying singing construction guy. Our landlord said three weeks ago that there would be a bit of noise for the coming two days.. oh well.




1.saturday fleamarket gang 2.farwell dinner 3.sensible soccers 4.sofia, simone & me 5.miss opo brunch w/ michaela 6.library lights in serralves

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