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20.02.2014 kl. 15:37

Photo: Astrid

The cosiest café.
Rota da chá, Casa de ló & Café Vitória

The best lunch-, brunch place.
I haven't tried it yet but I'm craving to visit the brunch at Miss Opo. As for lunch, I normally eat just a toast or lunch at home. But the other day we ate with Michaela at Restaurante Cordoaria and it was quite nice (had a traditional bacalhau com broa, codfish with portuguese bread). A lunch sandwich at Moustache is good too and the lunch buffé at Galeria de Paris is nice and affordable.

The best dinner place.
Well, there are the burger places (my god the burgers are good here); Munchie, Bugo Art Burger and Baixa Burguer. Then there's the typical porto dish, Francesinha, which you should eat at Bufete FaseCafé Santiago or Verso em Pedra. But dinner you can eat anywhere and in my opinion it's almost always good. Dinner here is also very casual and doesn't have to be fancy. There's a place with ''student dinner'' called Café Almada where you can get delecious stake dinner with a drink for 4€.

But if you want something fancy, then there's Museu d'Avo that serves ''tapas'' in portuguese called petiscos. Another place that I wanted to try that also serves petiscos is called Casa Santo Antonio.

Here you can take a cripsy sunday walk.
The crystal palace park, it has the most stunning view to the river and it's also quite romantic. Or you can catch the metro or bus down to the beach in Matosinhos and walk by the atlantic ocean.

Three top bars/nightclubs.
Well in summertime you just stand on the street infront of the bars drinking. So it doesn't really matter which bar you go to, it's more the area. The areas are Travessa de Cedofeita, Piolho/Adega and Galerias de Paris.

But for just some beers and hang out I like Candelabro, Casa de ló (again, also for the night)and Pipa Velha. I want to try to this cocktail bar called Praca some day, it seems really nice. And I can't avoid mentioning Espaco 77.. it's certainly not a glamurous bar but it's where most of the people meet up for some beers and continue somewhere else.

Best fast food place.
There's just one kebab place I go to because it's closest to my home and it's on travessa de cedofeita, next to most of the bars.

My favourite street in the city.
Well, I like my street Rua Cedofeita, it's in the heart of Downtown and from here you easily walk to the art gallery street, called Rua Miguel Bombarda. But the small narrow streets down to Ribeira or Miragaia are quite beatiful too!

Art and culture experience.
Well, downtown ofcourse, where most of the cool bars and cafés are located. And again, Rua Miguel Bombarda and the shopping centre CCB with design stores. Then there's the amazing Casa da Música, beautiful architecture. And a trip to the contemporary art museum and its park called Serralves.

The best tourist attractions.
I try to avoid to be the SUPER tourist. And I felt bad when I was showing my father around the city because I'm not too familiar with the typical tourist stuff (I'm more into the alternative stuff). But the historical area down by the river and the Ponto Luis I-bridge. The port wine cellars where you can go for a tour and wine tasting (especially Taylor's). And I heard Palácio da Bolsa is beatiful too.

My favourite shops.
When it comes to clothing it's Oysho, it's not portuguese but we don't have that store in Finland. They just have the softest clothes. Then there's a pop up store in Passeio dos Clérigos with potteries, illustrations, notebooks and all kind of neat and graphically beautiful things. And ofcourse the Lello bookstore, where J.K Rowling got the inspiration for the stairs in Hogwarts.

Best tips for a boring weeknight.
Weeknights are quite calm here too now when it's winter. But if a restaurant is open on a weeknight (usually some places are closed on mondays), they're open really late. So go out for dinner and a couple of drinks.

Best music gig place.
Well, I haven't been on many gigs here. Hard Club organize bigger concerts aswell as Casa da Música. Maus Hábitos have a lot of music events too. And a smaller place with live concerts is Bar Rua, I was there the other day when they had a brazilian salsa band and it was amazing!

A day in the city.
Oh god, on a sunny spring day, hmm. Choose a nice terrace to spend most of the day with a friend or a book, drinking coffee and eating lunch. Maybe visit some small stores in downtown or papershops. Go for a glass of Vinho Verde down by the river and later have a nice dinner with friends, maybe at Le chien qui fume (the dog that smokes). And go dancing to old school rock music in V5 in the night.

The most beatiful area.
Must be the historical area by the river and Miragaia and ofcourse the beach. But also the poor area of Fontainhas (with lots of street art).

Drink port wine and vinho verde, eat francesinha, bacalhau and/or tripas. Book a tour with The Worst Tours! Visit Lello bookstore, Casa da Música and climb on top of Clérigos tower. Have a picknick in any of the parks (The Crystal Palace park, The city park, Jardim das Virtudes or Jardim do Morro on the Gaia side). And play matraquilhos (table football) and have cheap beers in espaco 77.

Helpful websites and apps: (also as an app, iMetroPorto for iphone)
moveOporto (app)
and it almost goes without saying: TripAdvisor (also as an app) (only portuguese)


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Where was the picture taken? Quinta das Musas?
Anonymous20.02.14 kl. 16:44
Hi A, yes it's from Quinta das Musas last summer :)
20.02.14 17:16

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