Tents and parties

13.02.2014 kl. 02:19

Well, there is no reason to freeze anymore, because my roommate built me a TENT. Like a childhood dream tent of blankets above my bed and I actually feel warm in there! I even bought this little chinese rice lamp that runs on batteries that I have inside my little blanket fortress.

We even have an internet connection at home now, even though we asked our landlord for a router with wifi and we only got a cable for ONE computer (we are two appartments with a total of 8 people who would have wanted to share wifi, and yes, this is what we got). But we found this program that makes it possible to share the internet from one computer to the rest. 

I've also gotten started with my thesis, started to read some of the litterature and getting some guidance from my supervisor. I even had a presentation about my thesis through skype for my classmates back home. And for saturday I have (a rather casual, but still) interview booked. So I'm not just hanging around doing nothing (I think).

The weather has also been less rainy. We cleaned the terrace the other day and I can't wait to spend more time there. Gaah, dreaming of sunny mornings and weekend brunch out there and of course huge terrace parties. And tomorrow we're having a house warming party! 

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