09.02.2014 kl. 16:42

Almost a week has passed since I arrived. My father came for a three-day-visit just two days after my arrival. This time of the year is probably the worst to try to do some sightseeing. At least you have the cosy cafés, cheap shopping and portwine tasting, for stormy and rainy days.

For each day I've bought something to keep warm. My second day it was a pyjama and slippers. The third I bought some warm sweaters, the fourth my father bought me a blanket and yesterday I bought some really warm quality socks. 

Maybe, I'm the only one complaining but wow, you are constantly cold here. And never have I appreciated warm clothing and slippers like I do now. The funny thing is, once you get out of your house, it feels warmer outside.

People are surprised by how much I'm freezing (guess I'm complaing about it quite a bit). But do to central heating and well isolated houses and buildings (even heating in public transportation) you only need good outerwear in Finland. I've never had to sleep in a proper pyjama before!

However, I'm still having a great time. Eaten lots of good food while my father was here. Also made dinner with my roommates where we all contributed with a dish from our own countries and afterwards long night talks.




We don't have internet at home, but somehow I'm enjoying it. Reading a lot instead and having a good reason to sit in an inspirational café when I need to work.


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